4 Things To Look For In Your First Office Rental

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If your business has grown to the point where you need your own office space, you will want to ensure that you find an office space that works for you. Choosing an office space rental requires a little research and preparation.

1. Write Down What You Require

Before you start shopping around, sit down and write what you need from an office space. You will want to establish a criterion so that you know what you are looking for. You can refine this criterion as you look at spaces and get a better idea of what you want.

Share that list with your broker, so they can get an idea of what you are looking for. Your list should include things such as how much space you need, lease duration, bathrooms, and location.

2. Find a Broker

Just because you are renting doesn't mean that you don't need to work with a broker. A rental agreement as a business owner is serious business, and there are brokers that work exclusively with helping people find spaces for their business.

A broker will know the market and pricing. They will know where to start looking for suitable properties. They will put in the legwork for you and work to negotiate savings and amenities when you find a place that you like. They will get paid a commission for your lease.

You are going to want to work with a broker to simplify this complicated process.

3. Write Down Observations

When you start to visit office spaces, take notes. You will notice different things when you visit a place, and different things will start to matter to you when you look at spaces in person.

Taking detailed notes will allow you to look back on your notes and analyze what you liked best about different spaces. Don't assume you will remember everything.

4. Feel Free to Negotiate

Finally, it is important to feel free to negotiate with the lease. You can ask for different pricing, amenities, and considerations. It is more than okay to ask for these things; this is a space you will use for hours a week, potentially for years, so you are going to want to ensure that you get terms that are agreeable to you.

When hunting for your first office space, start by listing out what you need. Find a broker to help you. Write down observations of each place you visit in person. When you find a place you are interested in, feel free to negotiate.


12 October 2021

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