4 Indicators It's Time For You To Get A Senior Apartment

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The decision to move into a senior apartment isn't easy for everyone involved. The great thing about assisted living is that they're designed to ensure you're safe and physically and socially healthy. However, one of the greatest challenges for most seniors is knowing the right time for a transition. Notable signs like deteriorating health or a broken hip may fast-track your decision to consider getting a senior apartment, but sometimes there are no clear signs. Regardless, there are warning signs that will help you realize your living arrangements need to change. Here are a few worth noting.

1. You are experiencing mobility issues

If your frequency of falls has increased recently, it's time to consider getting a senior apartment. Mobility concerns among seniors are common as there are many places around your home that can make you trip and fall. The benefit of senior living apartments is that they're designed to prevent incidences of falling. Such facilities also hire trained caregivers who encourage seniors to open up about any recent incidences that may result in life-threatening injuries.

2. Changes in your hygiene

If you notice changes in your loved one's personal hygiene like long fingernails or hair that's unkempt, you should be concerned about their well-being. Such unhygienic traits could result from mental impairment or a diminished capacity to undertake important self-care tasks. It's still necessary to consider senior apartments if your loved one refuses to take medication, has visible signs of weight loss, or has non-functioning utilities.

3. Memory lapses

The early signs of memory impairment can decline the quality of life and other safety concerns. However, it can sometimes prove challenging to gauge when caregiver services are necessary. For example, if your loved one misplaces items from time to time or skips their monthly repayment, it's a typical aging indicator. However, if you notice an increased frequency of such concerns, it could indicate worse problems, and you should consider getting a senior apartment. 

4. Your care needs are too high for home care

As you age, your health and ability to perform different tasks also deteriorate. Regardless of your quality of care, your caregiving needs can become more than your caregivers can offer at home. So, if you have mobility issues that make it dangerous or impossible to move around your home, consider getting a senior apartment. Senior housing is also necessary for individuals who require constant supervision, like waking up several times at night.

These few indicators will help you understand the need to consider senior apartments for your loved ones. When you decide to get a senior apartment, you should be assured of better care for any of your aging concerns.  


19 July 2021

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