Three Small Problems That Buyers Notice When Touring Your Home

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Your home is never going to be in pristine condition when you are ready to sell it. You are likely used to the many problems with your home that you've simply been living with over the years, and you might think that they aren't a big deal. However, that doesn't mean that buyers will feel the same way. Here are some issues that buyers are more likely to notice.

Damaged Window Screens

Do you have pets that have ripped up your window screens over the years? This is something that you may have just decided to live with over time and are now used to. However, buyers are going to immediately notice those ripped window screens, which will give them some hesitation when it comes to buying your home. If it looks like you are not taking the time to maintain your window screens, they may be wondering what else you've been ignoring. Thankfully, repairing a window screen is easy to do on your own and will help the window look brand-new again.

Scuffed-Up Walls

You may think that scuffed-up walls are not a big deal, but they actually can be. It can be hard to keep your walls in good condition if you have pets or kids, but you need to take the time to clean up those scuff marks. Even if you know the buyer is going to give the home a fresh coat of paint, you should still take the time to paint the walls yourself if necessary. Scuff marks are going to be even more noticeable if the house is empty as well, since people will walk into a room and their eyes will be drawn to the marks. 

Packed Closets

One thing that buyers will pay attention to is your storage space, since they want to make sure that there is plenty of storage for them after they move in. This means that they are going to be opening up closets and taking a look at how much storage you have. If your closets are packed, now is the time to clean them up a bit so that they feel like they are being used a normal amount. Try to remove about half of the stuff that is in your closet so it looks like there is plenty of room. You can temporarily place items in a storage unit until after the home is sold and you move into your new place. 

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22 June 2021

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