Rental Property Maintenance And Management Recommendations

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When you own a rental property, there are going to be a list of different tasks and responsibilities to keep your rental running smoothly as a business and to keep the property's condition protected with necessary repairs and cleaning. A property manager along with your own time can put your rental property in a profitable state and keep your tenants happy. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your rental property with successful property management.

Perform Regular Maintenance

As a goal of a rental property owner, you should look to take the best care of your property. Over time, this will provide you good upkeep and quality value in your property that will show to your tenants. And this, in turn, will attract quality tenants that will take care of your property and help your rental investment bring you great return.

To accomplish the goal of keeping your property maintained efficiently, you should plan to perform regular pest control on your property. Let your tenants know that this will occur regularly, and let them know the planned date so you can hire a professional pest control service to arrive at the property and apply preventative treatments to the outside and inside. 

You should also arrange for the rental property to have HVAC services for the air conditioner and also the furnace. The furnace will need to be inspected once a year and also have the filters replaced every few months as needed. You can arrange for these to be taken care of or you can do them yourself. A professional property management service is ideal for you to get the services to help make your rental unit a well-kept property.

Complete Property Inspections

Another important part to keep your property in check is to perform inspections on the rental both while it is being rented and when it is vacant. When a tenant moves in, you should complete an inspection with them to record any existing damage and problems so you can have them remedied. Then, during the duration of the lease, you should perform regular inspections to check for problems in the property that could cause damage or put your tenants at risk. A quick visual inspection in the rental will let you know if it is clean and if there is a potential for pest problems or a hoarding problem, for example.

When your tenant moves out, you should perform another inspection in the property to check for damage and cleaning requirements. This is an opportunity to make a checklist for unit repairs to get it ready to rent again and to release any remaining rental deposit. For more information, contact a property management company


20 May 2021

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