Want To Rent A Townhome? 5 Things You Should Do

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If you are looking to rent a single-family home and you want to live a little closer to the city, a townhome rental may be a good option for you. Townhomes tend to be located in more urban areas and allow you to enjoy a home's space and the amenities of a city.

1. Work With a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to finding a great rental, you should start by working with a real estate agent or a verified rental platform. When you work with a real estate agent or verified rental platform, you can ensure that both the landlord and the real estate listing have been verified.

2. Find Out About Utility Bills

If the utility bills are not included in the rent, you will want to find out what the average utility bill was for the tenants who previously lived in the unit. Utility bills can vary greatly based on the size and location of a property. You don't want to rent a townhome only to discover that the utility bills make the home unaffordable. When renting a townhome, it is essential to be aware of all the costs that come along with the rental.

3. Verify Who Is Responsible for Outside Maintenance

With a townhome, there is generally very little outside maintenance that needs to be done. The property may have a small yard or dry landscaping that requires even less attention.

When renting a townhome, you will want to verify who is responsible for the outside maintenance. Will the HOA take care of that? Will the landlord take care of it? Or are you expected to take care of the landscaping and outside maintenance? You want to be sure you are clear on who is responsible for taking care of the outside, so you don't rent a townhome that comes with responsibilities you don't want to take on.

4. Learn About HOA Fees and Rules

Most townhomes are located in an HOA neighborhood. As a renter, you may be responsible for paying the HOA fees or being included in your rent. Regardless, you will have to follow the HOA rules just like you would if you were a homeowner, making it important for you to be aware of the regulations and ensure they are rules you can follow.

5. Get Tenant References

The landlord will want to check up on you, but you should also do your check on the landlord. See if you can get references from previous tenants. You want to find a landlord who is respectful and responsive.

When renting a townhome, you will want to work with a real estate agent, verify utility expenses, find out who is responsible for outside maintenance, learn about HOA rules, and be sure to look into your landlord via tenant references.


16 April 2021

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