Lakefront Homes Are Gorgeous — Just Do Some Research First

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Lakefront property is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. This type of property can have a few different variations, from being dockside to literally sitting on land rising up above the edge of the lake. Purchasing property that's supposed to be relaxing for you means ensuring you take into account those things that could cause too much noise or other issues. You need to determine what you really want out of life on the lakefront when you search for property.

Vacation Crowds

People vacation at lakes. That's likely the reason you want the property, of course, so you can't fault summer or vacation crowds for wanting to be there, too. But you can find out what happens with traffic and where the main crowds go if you don't already know. If you want a quiet environment, you'll want to be away from the main roads and main waterfront gathering areas.

Proximity to Docks and Beaches

If you're trying to rent or buy lakefront property, it's because you want to live near the water, most likely with the water in sight. A sparkling blue lake on a clear, sunny morning is such a gorgeous sight, which is why you want to find out how close to any docks or beaches the property is. If your home is right by the beach, for example, you may have to look past crowds of people on a wide beach in order to see the water. If you're right by a dock, you may find your view of the water obscured by boats and jet skis. It's nice to be near the dock and beach, but if you don't want to see them right in front of your home, look for property that's a little farther away.

Storm History

When you live on or near a waterfront, you acknowledge that there's some risk from storms, flooding, high waves, and so on. It's just a fact of life near the water, and these risks exist near all shorelines. That being said, some shorelines are riskier than others. Check out the history of the lakefront and see how the community has fared and how they've handled storms and other weather phenomena. Regular flooding, even minor street flooding, is a red flag because that means the area has the potential to flood even more in a strong storm. Homes that are behind seawalls or other waterfront barriers that have not had a flooding problem are a better bet.

Your real estate agent will have property listings for lakeside homes and land. Take your time with this purchase to ensure you make the right choice for you. Contact an agency like The Stockton Team: Keller Williams Showcase to begin looking at properties today.


24 February 2021

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