Things You May Be Surprised Real Estate Agents May Do

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There are a lot of things that a real estate agent can do that go above and beyond simply listing your house for sale or helping you to find one to purchase. This article will help to give you a better understanding of some of the different things that a real estate agent can and will do for you. 

1. Help you with the loan process

Although real estate agents aren't lenders, they are frequently in contact with them due to the nature of their job. This means they can help you with regards to giving you a better idea of how much you can afford when it comes to buying a home. They will also be able to set you up with a good lender who will be a great choice when it comes to your particular situation. 

2. Help with credit counseling

The better your credit score is, the better position you will find yourself in when it comes to purchasing a home. Real estate agents have a good grasp on credit-related issues and this means they can give you some great advice when it comes to things that you can do and things that you want to be sure you don't do when it comes to raising your credit score. 

3. Manage rental properties

While there are some real estate agents who only stick to sales, there are others who also handle rentals. So, you may be able to use the same agent who sold you your rental property as your property manager. They will take over all of the property management tasks including collecting rent, evicting tenants, checking the rental worthiness of applicants to choose the best renter, prepare the property for rent, deal with maintenance issues, and more. 

4. Help you find temporary housing

You may find yourself in need of a temporary place to live. For example, you might have sold your home and have to be out of it while you are still waiting for escrow to close on your new place. Or, you may have sold your home and you haven't even found another one to purchase yet. In these cases, you will be in need of a temporary place to live and you won't be able to enter into a year lease like most places will require. Your real estate agent will be a good resource to turn to because they can often help you to find a temporary place you can stay in until your new home is available.


30 October 2020

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Do you absolutely adore your home, but are planning an upcoming move due to a career change? If you’re moving in the near future, you might desperately desire to sell your current home as soon as possible. To help you accomplish this important task, consider hiring an experienced, real estate agent in your community. This individual can help you select the perfect selling price for your house. Your real estate agent can also provide valuable information about staging your home to perfection. For instance, to make your home more inviting, your real estate agent might suggest you purchase new bedding, window treatments, and artwork. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a real estate agent can help you sell your home fast. Enjoy!