Concerned About Injuries? 4 Tips For Buying A Safe Home

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While living in rentals, you may know that you cannot be as particular as you would like to be with your demands due to limited selection. But, you may feel confident about making demands when it comes to buying a home since you will be living there for a long time. If you are concerned about injuries, you should know what to look for to provide a safe home for your family.


An easy way to narrow down properties while looking around is to only look at one-story homes. This means that you want to skip any places with a basement, second story, or converted attic. This will prevent your family from ever having to go up or down any stairs, which will increase safety.


Analyzing the backyard is also important because you may be able to find a variety of hazards around the landscape. An excellent example is trees with shallow roots since they can function as tripping hazards for anyone in your family. If you are willing to remove these kinds of hazardous trees to avoid any injuries, you can still look at these properties with confidence.

While mulch in the form of rocks or pebbles is not harmful on its own, you may worry about your kids running on it and falling. This makes it worth buying a home where you know all the landscape is covered in grass, soft mulch, or groundcover plants except the paved pathways. By making these demands, your kids can play and even fall down without a high chance of injury.


A worthy feature to get throughout most of the house is carpeting because it will provide padding for your feet, knees, hands, and arms in case of falls. While any carpet will help, you may want to prioritize plush carpeting for the fact that it will pad falls even more than low-pile carpeting.

However, you should not expect to find carpet in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms since they are more susceptible to water getting on the floor, which could lead to carpet damage.

Front Entry

When you look at the front entrance of homes, you may find that some of them require you to climb up a few stairs to reach the front door. If you are determined to avoid stairs altogether, you should not hesitate to keep looking around until you find properties without them.

Taking your time with house hunting and making these demands will lead to buying a home in which you feel confident about safety.

To learn more, contact a real estate agent about the types of homes you want to look at.


28 July 2020

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