Helping Aging Parents Relocate? Home Selling Tips For A Better Experience

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Downsizing into a smaller home is a process that most homeowners consider as their children become adults and move out and the retirement phase of their life begins. Often, however, the downsizing process can become complicated by specific circumstances or sentimental feelings. 

Adult children who are faced with assisting their aging parents with the downsizing process can use the following information to help guide both parties through this critical stage of life 

Reducing the scope of the moving process

Downsizing from a large home into a small one always requires a reduction in the amount of furnishings and personal items. While holding a garage sale or advertising on social media marketplaces can help get rid of some of the items, there may still be several heirloom or sentimental items that will require a different approach.

A good way to deal with these items is to speak with your aging parents about the benefits of bequeathing these items to their intended recipients as part of their downsizing process, instead of waiting until their passing. In addition to reducing the scope of the moving process, this plan will allow your parents to experience the joy each recipient has for the treasure they are being gifted. 

Deciding on how to prepare the home

Another problem that often arises when aging parents need to downsize involves preparing the home for the market. As people age, routine updating of the their home may happen less frequently. This can mean that the home has become dated and the finishes have become worn.

In some cases, aging homeowners may have experienced health issue, budget shortfalls, or other issues that have added to the decline of their home's condition. Adult children who are tasked with helping aging parents in this situation can get knowledgeable assistance in deciding on improvements and repairs by seeking out the assistance and advice of a qualified listing agent.

In addition to offering sound advice to deal with condition issues, the listing agent can also help adult children find specific solutions for their situations. Examples of this might include considering an as-is home sale or offering a seller credit in lieu of making any repairs. 

When the time arrives for your aging parents to sell the family home and relocate to a smaller, more convenient one, you may face these or other challenges. By working closely with the right real estate agent, you can help your aging parents solve problems as they arise and enjoy the best possible home sale and relocation process.   


16 December 2019

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