Questions To Consider Before You Buy A Waterfront Home

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Living in a waterfront property can be a dream, with the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets every day and water lapping along the shoreline. However, waterfront homes have some unique characteristics that you must consider prior to the purchase of a waterfront home. The following are some questions to consider before making this large investment:

Why Are You Buying the Property?

First, carefully think about why you want to own a waterfront property. Is the home going to be a vacation property or do you intend to live there full time? Do you plan to rent the home as an investment property? Think about how you intend to use the property before you buy, as your reasons can have an impact on your taxes and financing options.

You should also think about how you intend to use the property. Find out if there are any zoning issues that would prevent you from using the home in the way you would like. For example, if you want to have a boat on your property, make sure you are allowed to dock the boat on your shoreline. Also, make sure you are allowed to use motorized watercraft on the water on your property, as some only allow manually powered watercraft. If you have hopes of daily fishing on your dock, be sure that is allowed where you plan to live.

In addition, think about the proximity to shops, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and any other amenities you would like to enjoy. If the waterfront home is going to be your main residence, you may want to have fairly close access to these amenities.

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Another important consideration with the purchase of a waterfront home is the amount of maintenance required. The maintenance for a waterfront property has some differences from those in a more traditional home with no water on the property. Homes on the water are more prone to elements exposure. This can hasten the wear and tear on the home. Some of the more damaging elements include humidity, lake-effect snow, hurricanes, and wind. Most waterfront homes need dehumidifiers in operation to help keep the moisture level down inside the house to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You also need proper insulation, reinforced windows and door, and proper winterizing in the colder regions. Make sure you take the extra expense of these maintenance efforts as you look at waterfront homes for sale.

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22 November 2019

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