Selling A Luxury Home? 3 Tips To Get Additional Market Exposure

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Selling any home requires getting the attention of the most likely qualified buyers for that particular price range and type of property. Since there are more buyers looking for average, mid-range homes, sellers of these houses are able to get good market exposure with relatively little effort.

Sellers who have a luxury home for sale face a more difficult selling situation simply because the number of qualified buyers who can afford to purchase in higher price ranges is far fewer than low-to-mid-range properties. If you are preparing to sell a luxury home, these three tips can help you get the additional market exposure you need for the best selling experience.

Arrange for it to be featured in local media

Luxury properties are usually able to create a buzz whenever they are featured on television or other forms of media. Sellers of these properties can use this fact to their advantage by finding creative ways to draw this type of attention to their home, such as the following:

  • hosting a large gathering and inviting social media influencers to attend
  • contacting the newspaper to see if your home might be featured in an upcoming real estate column or story
  • allowing large charitable groups to use the home as a backdrop for gala fundraising events 

In addition to providing lots of photo opportunities to show off the home, using it in this manner will get it seen by guests of these events who may be looking for a home like yours or know someone who is.

Invest in top-quality marketing materials 

Standard flyers and amateur video tours often suffice when selling lower to mid-range homes. For luxury homes, however, sellers must be willing to invest in higher quality materials and professional videographers and photographers. Taking this step will ensure that the proper lighting and the best angles are used to ensure that the finished marketing materials accurately portray the luxury your home offers.

Select the most suitable real estate agent

Finding the most advantageous way to market a luxury home is a skill that must be honed with experience. Part of this marketing process will also require that the home be correctly priced — a task that will likely require in-depth comparisons to other luxury property sales in the immediate area.

Because of these facts, it is important for luxury home sellers to always opt to work with a listing agent who offers verifiable experience in successfully listing and selling high-end real estate and luxury homes for sale in their local market area.


30 July 2019

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