Transform The Look Of Your Front Door Before Your House Hits The Market

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When your home is on the market, you'll often hear real estate agents talking about "curb appeal." This term, which essentially describes how appealing your home looks from the curb, encompasses the home overall, as well as your yard. If you break down the idea of curb appeal into individual areas, one of these areas is your front door. This is the spot through which all prospective buyers will pass, which makes it important for your front door to provide a positive first impression right away. Here are a handful of simple things you can do to transform the look of this area.

Provide A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It's likely that your front door can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Over time, the paint on the exterior of door can get scraped and chipped, and while these issues might not be enough to make an interested buyer choose not to submit an offer, they're an eyesore. Buyers will be happy to see a front door that has been meticulously cared for. If there are any dents in the front door, fill them with body filler before you paint them. Similarly, it's a good idea to paint the trim around the front door if needed.

Upgrade The Doorbell

If the doorbell outside your front door looks cheap, it won't exactly turn prospective buyers' heads. You can make the exterior of your home look more impressive by upgrading the doorbell. You can go all-out with a smart doorbell that features a small video camera and a speaker, or you can simply upgrade with a standard-style doorbell that has more visual appeal than what you currently have. Best of all, many doorbells today work wirelessly, so setting them up is a breeze for the average homeowner.

Clean The Area

A little cleaning can go a long way before your house hits the market, and this rule holds true around your front door. If your front porch is dusty or sandy, sweep the area clean before your listing photos are taken — and repeat the process before your open house too. If you can see cobwebs overhead, which can often be the case if your front door is in a shady area, use the broom to knock them down. If the doorknob is grimy from countless hands touching it, some soapy water and a scratch pad can restore the metal's original shine.


26 January 2017

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