Buying A Home When You Own A Dog: What To Look For In Properties

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Buying a home is a joyous experience and is made much better when you shop with your entire family in mind. If you have a dog, you want to make sure you choose a property that allows them plenty of room to play and, well, be a dog without bugging neighbors. This means you need to shop with your canine as your inspiration when it comes to finding your dream home. Here are things you should look for in any property you are seeking.

Large fenced yard

Only look at properties that have a fully fenced front and back yard. The size of the yard should be ample enough to let your dog roam without simply wandering back and forth, but safety is the bigger issue when it comes to your landscape. A fence should be recently repaired and upgraded if it is older and be free of holes, dips, or sagging areas where your dog could potentially escape. If the fence borders neighboring properties, it should have a privacy barrier, be it shrubbery, a wooden fence line, or other barriers to prevent your dog from barking and bothering others.

Hardwood or linoleum flooring

Dogs and carpet often don't mix. Hair and mud can get caked into carpeting, making new carpets look old quickly. You can remedy this potential issue by only looking at homes that hardwood or linoleum flooring in the main areas where your dog will be, such as the entryway, living room, and hallways. Hardwood that has been recently refinished is better able to withstand your dog's toenails and prevent scratching. You can also trim and file your dog's nails at your local groomer to keep them from damaging flooring surfaces in your new home. If you are interested in a home with carpeting, be open to placing rugs in high-traffic areas where your dog will be roaming the most indoors.


Dogs bark, even yours. Try to limit your home shopping to corner lots so you have fewer neighbors and a larger property so your dog has less distractions to worry about. Also, keep in mind that busy roads can pose a potential danger hazard to a curious or car-chasing canine, so choose private lanes over busy roads for your new home. Your dog will be happier in a yard that doesn't have a lot of commotion around it, and you will feel more confident in choosing a property that is ultimately more dog-friendly.

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12 January 2017

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