Three Tips For Preparing Your Home To Show

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When you list your home for sale, one of the things that your real estate agent will likely suggest is that you schedule an open house. In addition, interested buyers may ask for a showing. For first-time sellers, this can be an intimidating and confusing process. Here are a few tips for you to prepare your house for those potential buyers.

Create Some Emotional Separation

One of the hardest things for sellers is the emotional investment in the house and the items in it. After all, you've probably got family photos, collectibles, and even heirlooms that you may have inherited. It's hard to take those things down, but it's important to remove personal items so that your potential buyers can imagine themselves in the house, not your family.

If you're struggling with letting go of those emotional connections, you can talk with your real estate agent or a stager to help you determine what needs to be packed up. Try to view your home as an object to be sold instead of as a home if necessary to help you gain the proper perspective. Also, when you're looking for those personal items, don't forget the refrigerator doors, mantle, and similar places.

Make Sure It's Clean

While most sellers know to clean the house completely before showings, including shampooing carpets and things like that. These steps are usually part of the listing preparations. What many overlook, however is the final cleanups before any showings. Empty the trash cans and put clean bags in them. Clean up any crumbs left on the tables and counters, then check the bathroom for toothpaste residue or personal items left out. Do a full walk-through of the house with a dusting wand so you can sweep away any cobwebs. Finally, make sure that the beds are made and there are no shoes or other objects scattered about. You can even put out freshly folded towels in the bathroom to make everything look neat and organized.

Create A Comfortable Environment

Make sure that you have the climate control set to a moderate, comfortable level. If it's too hot or too cold in the house, it will leave buyers uncomfortable. Make sure that you have the blinds open to allow for natural light. Turn on other lights where needed to ensure that the home isn't dark, but avoid turning on more than necessary so that it doesn't become too bright.

You may even find that some soft sounds in the background, like calming music tracks or nature sounds, will make the house feel more inviting. In addition, a pot of water on the stove burner with orange peels, clove, and ginger or cinnamon sticks will make the space smell comforting.

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11 January 2017

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