Looking For Hunting Land In New York? Try These Three Locations

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New York State has some of the most amazing hunting land in the country. But if you're not familiar with the area, you might not know where to look. So, this guide will help you out. Two of the locations are not too far outside of New York City. This is perfect if you live in Manhattan and want a piece of property that you can get to without getting on a plane or driving in a car for a dozen hours. The final area is a gigantic park that has both public and private land and is considered one of the premiere wilderness and hunting areas in the entire Northeast.

Catskills Region

The Catskills are located not to far north of the city. You can get there by train or by a short car trip. It's a particular favorite for weekend hunters who like to go out during deer season. You can bow hunt, as well as use a shotgun and rifle. You will find bobcats, wild turkey, and also white tail deer. If you are looking for rustic accommodations (places where you might just set up a hunting cabin or a tent), then you should steer clear of the large towns such as Woodstock. You might look around the town of Callicoon.

Sullivan County (Delaware River Region)

If you head over to the Deleware River region (towns around Foresturgh and Smallwood), you will have some great hunting as well as fantastic fishing. The rivers and streams in the Shawangunk mountain range have awesome trout fishing. You will also be near the Delaware river, so you can get some big river fly fishing in. The area is easy to get to from Manhattan. There is a train right from Penn Station that will take you into the Tri-State area (Port Jervis, which is close to Forestburgh).


If you want to get land in a really isolated and remote region, then there is no better spot then the Adirondacks Park. This is a very unusual park in that there is both private and public lands. So, you can buy property right inside the gigantic park. There are over 6 million acres of park. It's truly a hunters dream, and you could travel up to your hunting cabin and spend every trip exploring new lakes, streams, and mountain trails. The area has world class game, with hunters finding bucks, bobcats, bears, and rabbits.

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11 January 2017

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