Renovating An Old Home? 3 Things That Can Help It Stay Rodent Free In The Future


Renovating an old home is a great time to assess decades of damage from pests. Over time insects and rodents can damage walls, roofs, pipes, and wires. During a renovation, walls are taken down and apart, and much of this damage is finally visible. It's also a great time to not only fix damage caused by pests, but also to make sure that pest damage will be less likely in the future. Here are three things that can be done during a home renovation in order to ensure that the home stays pest free for years to come.

Foundation Repair

Rodents are a big issue in many older homes. Mice and rats can get in through small openings throughout the home. One favorite spot for rodents is the foundation. Any small openings can make it possible for rats and mice to get in. This can also make rat and mouse control difficult, since there may be an easy path into the home that the homeowners are not aware of. Most homeowners spend between $1,761 and $5,955 on foundation repair. Not only is it good for the structure of the home, but it can also eliminate the openings that allow pests inside. 

New Roof

One area of the home where pests often enter is the roof. Replacing the roof is one way to seal off these entry points and to help keep pests out of the home in the future. The average cost of a new roof is between $4,690 and $9,034. If a full roof replacement isn't in the renovation plans, it is still a good idea to inspect the roof for gaps or openings. Homeowners may also want to consider adding chimney caps in order to prevent rodents and other pests from entering through the chimney. The cost ranges from as low as $50 for galvanized-metal chimney caps to over $2,000 for copper versions. 

Inspection By A Pest Control Company

For homes with roofs and foundations that are in good shape, many homeowners may find the source of the rodent infestation to be a mystery. Rodents can get in through a variety of means including unsealed pipes, cracks in windows and doors, or any other opening or hole throughout the home. Hiring a pest control company to do an inspection during a home renovation can help to identify the areas where the rodents are entering the home. This allows homeowners to seal up the entry points. The cost of an inspection ranges from $90 to $250.

Rodents such as mice and rats can be a big issue in older homes. The time during a renovation is great for addressing these issues. A repaired foundation and new roof can go a long way toward eliminating rodent problems in the future. An inspection can also help you to learn more about problem areas that can be fixed during the renovation. 


20 December 2016

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