3 Things You Need To Know About Selling A Home After The Death Of Your Spouse

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Dealing with financial problems while you are in mourning for a spouse can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to handle real world problems when they need to escape reality while grieving, and the loss of a spouse has been well-established as one of the top life stressors. Unfortunately, financial issues don't disappear or take a break when you lose a spouse. If you need to sell your home after a death in the family, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Tax Exemptions May Still Work in Your Favor

You may need to sell your home sooner rather than later after the death of a spouse. It is generally advantageous for couple to own a home together. However, certain tax exemptions will be available to you only within the first couple of years after a spouse passes way, and you may want to see a tax attorney before you see a real estate attorney. Putting your property up for sale is something you may need to do as soon as possible to give yourself the best chances of profiting from your home and getting out of existing financial problems.

Potential Buyers Need Not Know About Your Circumstances

Home buyers are often seeking ways that they can wonderful houses at a price point that is far below the market value for a home. That's one way that home seekers who have limited funds get a house that would otherwise be beyond their means. If a home buyer knows that you are in a rush to sell the house for personal reasons, they may offer a lower price than they would otherwise. Protecting information about your personal life from home buyers can ultimately protect your financial well-being as well.

Your Real Estate Agent Can Make the Most of Your Situation

Although you want to be careful about sharing information with potential home buyers, it's important to share information openly with your real estate agent. You need to level with your real estate agent and let them know about your exact circumstances so they can work with that information to help you sell your house in the way that you need. For example, if you let your real estate agent know that you are in a big rush to sell the home, they may use certain tactics and make listing choices based on your needs. Also, your real estate agent knows the importance of keeping information confidential, so you don't have to worry about them revealing unhelpful things to potential buyers.

Finally, selling your home may be an emotional experience, especially when it's coupled with the death of a spouse. It can be the best choice you can make for yourself after this monumental loss. Selling a home and moving to a new one can help you make a clean break from the past and start over in every way. That can help you put your grief in perspective and better handle the memories that you are leaving behind in your home.


16 December 2016

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