3 Types Of Lighting You Must Set Up When Staging A Home

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Staging a home is a popular tool that real estate agents and home sellers frequently utilize to help potential buyers better connect with a home. When you properly stage a home, you set it up in such a way that it showcases the true beauty of the house and accentuates the positive features that it offers. One underestimated but extremely important part of home staging is lighting. You need a mix of overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting for a home to be effectively and optimally staged.

Overhead Lighting

The most important lighting will be the overhead lighting. It establishes the ambiance of the room. The type of lighting can have an impact on how the light is diffused in a room, so pay close attention to how much light is being generated as well as how it is distributed. If you have too much light in a room, potential buyers will feel uncomfortable and maybe even feel like they are on stage. It's important to strike the right balance. Chandeliers and ceiling fans can be aesthetically appealing while providing plenty of light.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a type of lighting that is provided in a specific area of a room that's typically dedicated to helping a person complete a certain task. For example, there may be a special light at a sewing machine to make it easier to see the details that are necessary to sew a garment. In a kitchen, lighting that is set up under a cabinet can help the home owner see to wash dishes and complete food preparation tasks. When staging a home, you cannot ignore task lighting. This type of lighting can help a buyer feel at home and comfortable in the house.

Accent Lighting

Last, but certainly not least, is accent lighting. Sometimes referred to as highlighting, accent lighting shines a spotlight (quite literally) on one specific thing in your home. Accent lighting can be focused on helping people see books on a shelf or take in a work of art. When you are staging your home, you can use accent lighting both indoors and outdoors to make specific parts of your home stand out.

Finally, keep in mind that you may ultimately alienate home buyers if you don't pay attention to the way your staged home is lit. When a home buyer cannot see the beauty of the kitchen because there isn't enough light, they won't take the time to imagine themselves at the stove preparing a meal for their family. On the other hand, a well-lit home can help inspire potential buyers to see themselves living on the property and seriously consider a purchase. For more information, contact local professionals like Ruben D. Lopez.


9 December 2016

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