Leasing An Apartment? 3 Negotiating Tactics To Employ For A Better Deal

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It isn't always easy to find a great apartment that fits within your monthly budget, especially in today's economy. However, it is important to keep in mind that landlords need to fill vacancies just as much as you need to find a place to live. So, while you aren't going to get half off of your rent, you may find that you can land a better deal by employing these negotiation tactics when looking to lease an apartment:

1. Do Your Homework.

Before you set up an appointment to negotiate with the landlord, make sure that you are fully prepared and armed with plenty of research and knowledge regarding the property, neighborhood, and surrounding area. Compare availability and prices of apartments in the area so that you can determine what a reasonable discount is.

2. Be Flexible and Offer Something in Return.

In order for the landlord to give you a discount on your rent, there is a good chance that the landlord will want something in return from you. After all, he or she doesn't know you and has no idea what type of renter you are going to be. One example is to offer to sign an extended lease, as this will benefit the landlord since it will guarantee that an apartment will be filled. Other examples are giving up your parking space because you don't have a vehicle or because you can park in an uncovered spot, making improvements to the apartment (such as fresh paint), or even paying multiple months of rent upfront (if your budget allows).

3. Make Sure to Give a Good First Impression.

When you meet the landlord for the first time in person, you want to ensure that you give a stellar first impression. You need to show him or her that you are trustworthy and reliable, so appearing in a filthy car with soda cans falling out when the door opens and wearing your pajamas is not the best way to go. This shows that you may not keep the apartment clean and may not be the most reliable renter. Show the landlord that you are an ideal tenant by dressing nicely, showing up in a clean car, and being polite.

In addition, make sure you bring all the paperwork with you that has been requested, such as recent pay stubs. If your credit history is not great, consider having a guarantor or co-signor already on-board to show the landlord that you are serious.


15 November 2016

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