Methods Of Protecting Your Valuables During A Home Viewing

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When you've listed your home on the market, it's exciting to get a call from your real estate agent indicating that a prospective buyer wishes to view the residence. Once you learn the requested date and time, you'll need to make plans to ensure that you're not at home. You'll also need to take some steps to protect any valuables that may be in the home. While you'd like to trust everyone who visits the home during a viewing, the reality is that some people have sticky fingers — and the last thing you want to realize is that something of value has gone missing. Here are some steps that you can take to protect your valuables.

Lock Up What You Can

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do to minimize the risk of having any valuables stolen during a home viewing is to lock things up. Whether you have a home safe or a locking filing cabinet, put any valuables you can into either of these areas. The list of things that you should deal with in this manner include cash, jewelry, high-value collectibles, and anything else that a person could grab. This is especially important with small items; the average person isn't going to snatch a painting off your wall, but they could easily grab a watch off your dresser.

Turn Your Security Cameras On

If you have a home security system that includes interior cameras, make sure that they're activated before the home viewing. Many people turn off their security systems before the scheduled viewing, which makes sense, but they also turn off the cameras without thinking. Keeping the cameras running provides you with an insurance policy; in the event that something is taken, you'll hopefully have clear video footage of the crime that you can pass along to the authorities.

Ask For The Agent To Be Present In Certain Rooms

In some cases, it might be difficult to lock up or remove certain valuables. If you're leaving some valuables in certain rooms, have your real estate agent get in touch with the buyer's agent and specify the room in which the valuables are contained. Your agent can then request that the buyer's agent stays with the buyer at all times while in this room. Although the agent might let the buyers browse some of the rooms on their own, it's valuable to ensure that the agent keeps a watchful eye open in the room you've specified.


28 October 2016

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