Common Scents To Eliminate Before Your Open House

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Thoroughly cleaning your home in advance of an open house can make the residence appear favorable to those who walk through it, but there's something else that you need to think about — how things smell. In your own home, you can easily grow accustomed to the scent, which might seem innocuous to you but could be off-putting to prospective buyers who attend the open house. You don't want a pervasive scent to cause an otherwise interested buyer to leave the open house early. Here are some common scents that you should take steps to eliminate in advance of the open house.

Strong Cooking Flavors

The food that you cook can not only affect the smell in your home while the pot is on the stove, but also in the days that follow. Leading up to the open house, it's a good idea to avoid cooking food that smells strong. Things such as curry and fish, for example, can create a scent that might not be palatable to all the people who attend the open house. Additionally, certain cooking styles can create odors. Your use of a deep fryer, for example, can lead to the stale scent of oil in the air.


Many people who smoke do so outdoors to avoid altering the smell inside their home. However, if you smoke inside, now is the time to stop doing so. You'll likely need to do some deep cleaning of your curtains and carpet to remove the smell of smoke, as well as keep the home properly ventilated by having the windows open as much as possible.

Pet Smells

People who don't own pets can often notice pet smells in a home; for those who do own pets, these scents might be tougher to pick up. If you have a dog, try to minimize the time that it spends outside when it's raining. A house that smells like wet dog isn't very enticing to people. If you have a cat, endeavor to change the litter regularly. Old litter can make your home smell poorly.

Candles And Room Spray

Candles and room spray might smell pleasing to you, but not everyone will feel this way. People with allergies and sensitivities to scent will immediately notice the presence of scented candles and room spray, and may avoid spending a prolonged period of time in your open house as a result. For more information, talk to a professional.


28 October 2016

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