2 Features To Look For In A Geek-Friendly House

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Beginning the search for a new house can be the start of a very exciting adventure, but it can also end up being very difficult when it comes to finding the right house for your particular needs. Listed below are two features to look for in a geek-friendly house that you can enjoy for years to come.

Ethernet Jacks

One of the best features to look for in a geek-friendly home is ethernet jacks installed throughout the house. While many people are satisfied with simply using WiFi to ensure that they have Internet access throughout the house, wireless Internet is often not sufficient for many geeks, mostly due to the lag and slower speeds that WiFi provides when compared to a hardwired connection.

For example, if your hobbies include streaming content to Twitch, uploading videos to YouTube, or simply playing video games online then you will want the fastest possible speeds that you can get out of your Internet service, which can really only be achieved through ethernet jacks. By considering a house that has ethernet cables running from a central hub to every room in the house, you can ensure that every game console or PC in the home is getting the best speed, while also avoiding dropped connections or poor signal strength that can often plague WiFi setups.

Solar Panels

Another feature to consider if you want a geek-friendly home is solar panels. This is very useful because many of the hobbies and activities that you enjoy that could be construed as geeky do require quite a bit of power. For example, playing or working on a PC all day can often drive your power bill up by quite a bit every month. 

However, you can offset or eliminate that extra expense by buying a house with solar panels that can provide at least a portion of your considerable power needs. In addition, the fact that you can make money with solar panels if you produce more power than you need is a nice added bonus, as that extra money can go to fund your hobbies or interests, which can often be quite expensive when you consider the high-tech nature of many geek-oriented hobbies or activities.

Contact a real estate agent today to discuss the geek-friendly features that you want in a new house and to start the hunt for that dream home. Ethernet jacks and solar panels are both features that can make a home much more accommodating and comfortable for a geek or someone that simply loves technology.


19 October 2016

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