A Little Bit Of DIY Home Improvement Work Does A Lot To Help A Real Estate Broker

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The time has come to sell a home. Selling property is done with one very important goal in mind: getting the highest price for the property. Homes that need even a little bit of work, however, can bring the asking price on a home way down. Potential buyers are sure to factor in the repairs and renovations they will be required to pay for when they buy the property. Others may simply be turned off by the condition of a home and opt not to look elsewhere. Someone unable to spend huge sums of money to fix up a home may not even have to. Investing a few nominal dollars to repair some interior eyesores could assist a real estate broker to sell a property at a better price and in a quicker manner.

The Nominal Investment Approach

A quick trip to a home improvement store may lead to purchasing a few relatively inexpensive items capable of paying huge dividends. Investing $500 in materials and getting an additional $2,000 for a home is not a bad turnaround. A few of the improvements worth considering are:

Putting Epoxy Paint on a Basement Floor

A worn out concrete basement floor is not exactly appealing to the eyes. Redoing the concrete floor, however, is likely to cost several thousands of dollars. Simply painting over the concrete with epoxy or even basic cement-friendly paint gives the floor a new look. If there are cracks or damage to the concrete, patching the cracks prior to painting tidies the floor nicely.

Laying Down Vinyl Tiles

Old bathroom and kitchen floors give a worn out appearance that a new home buyer probably will want to rip out. There are inexpensive self-adhesive tiles that can be laid down on top of the old vinyl floor. While not built to last years, these types of floors do immediately present a new and inviting look.

Patching the Ceiling and Walls

Imperfections in the ceiling and walls are not visually impressive in the least. Tearing off old wallpaper and laying a new coat of paint on the walls enhances looks. So does patching any holes in the ceiling and painting it as well. A basic Spackle hole repair kit can fix all sorts of minor holes.

Spraying Rust Remover on Plumbing Fixtures

Various fixture may look like they need to be replaced but, once the rust is removed, they end up being perfectly fine. A few cans of rust remover spray may end up making plumbing fixtures look more reliable and less prone to leaks. This way, a buyer won't be thinking about costly plumbing bills.

Assist the Broker

A real estate broker does need a little help from the property owner to sell a home. Making the condition of a home look better does provide an extremely helpful assist.


4 October 2016

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