3 Features To Look For In A Home That Can Increase Resale Value

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One of the best things to keep in mind when looking for a new home is how much you can resell the home for in the future, mostly because it is unlikely that you will spend the rest of your life in the next house that you buy. Listed below are three house features to look for that can increase its resale value.

Solar Panels

One of the best features to consider when looking for a house is solar panels. This feature will save you money by offsetting or eliminating your power bill while you are living in the home. In addition, the solar panels even have the potential to earn you money if they are able to generate more electricity than your house needs.

This is because the excess electricity is typically sent back to the local power company, at which point they will pay you for the provided electricity. The fact that solar panels could cut down or eliminate power bills and possibly provide an addition income stream is very attractive to potential home buyers and could allow you to demand a higher price for your house when the time comes to sell. 

More Rooms

Another feature to consider if you want a house that will have a higher resale value is more rooms than you may actually need. By purchasing a home with extra bedrooms, you will be able to prepare for an expanding family or have plenty of space for houseguests or visiting family members. In addition, the more rooms you have the more appealing the house will be to people with large or growing families when you decide to sell the house.

Hardwood Floors

Finally, consider homes that have hardwood floors as they are among the most desirable features for many homebuyers. Not only can hardwood floors increase interest in your house and allow you to ask for more for the home, they can also benefit you while you live in the house. This is because hardwood floors are much easier to keep clean than carpeting and can actually improve the indoor air quality of your home since hardwood floors do not trap dust and allergens the way carpets do.

Contact a real estate agent (or companies like SWE Homes) in order to start the search for your next home and to discuss what features to consider that can increase the home's resale value. Solar panels, more rooms, and hardwood floors are all features to consider that can raise the house's resale value and make the home a bit easier to sell.


3 October 2016

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