Rent Out A Home That Allows Pets? 3 Things Your Property Manager Should Check Up On

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If you're the kind of landlord that is comfortable with having tenant's own pets, it's likely that you've already considered the extra bit of damage that pets can potentially come with. If you're concerned that your rental property is going to be damaged as a result of wear and tear from pets, it's a good idea to look into what your property manager can check up on.

With the following things in mind, your property manager can have a clear list of things to check up on when visiting the tenants of your rental home.

Flooring Throughout the House

One of the first places that get damaged from pets when they have an irresponsible owner or one that simply isn't around much is the flooring. Carpeting can get dirtied quickly, along with it picking up unpleasant odors. With this in mind, you should prioritize having hardwood or tile flooring installed. Even with these bare floors installed, you should still get the floors examined periodically since pets can cause scratches and other damage.

Signs of Landscaping Damage Outside

While landscaping damage won't likely be a problem for cats, it can be a real concern if your renters have dogs. When the dogs are let out in the yard, they could end up digging holes and damaging the landscaping throughout the property. By getting the yard checked out, your property manager can assess whether any damage has been done and what can be done to prevent it from being an issue again for the renters and their pets.

Bare patios and hardy plants are typically the best options for renters with pets, but even with these features, you need to watch out for landscaping damage.

Wear and Tear on the Walls or Door Frames

Pets can often scratch on the walls or the door frames when they're bored or trying to get outside. With this in mind, your property manager shouldn't forget to check out these areas if you're concerned about irreversible damages.

While you may not be ready to evict a tenant due to poor maintenance of a rental home, it's still a good idea to get the property checked out if they have pets. Your property manager can get a good idea of the condition that the home is in and what kinds of changes should be made to ensure that the property is restored and that any necessary fees are charged for repairs. 

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18 August 2016

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