Want To Take Your Furnishings Along? 3 Qualities To Prioritize With Rental Apartments

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When people go from living in one apartment to another at a young age, it is often easier to part ways with furniture, as opposed to throwing everything into a moving truck and bringing it along. But, you may have always loved the idea of buying a nice furniture set and keeping it with you for several decades. If you are planning to move out of the apartment where you initially bought your furniture collection, your top priority may be figuring out how you are going to get every furniture piece into your new home. Focusing on certain apartment features can minimize the chance of running into any issues.

Entry Door Measurements

The first thing that you will want to do when looking at an apartment is the entry door measurements. It is typical for them to range anywhere from 28 to 32 inches, so you should prioritize the high end. Another detail that you cannot forget about is the jamb, which will naturally take up some space. If possible, you may want to find out if you can actually remove the door while you are moving in to create more room.

Inside Door Dimensions

Getting into the front door will help you fit things like the dining room table and living room couch, but it may not do much for bedroom furniture that you will have to fit through other doorways. This is why you need to know the inside door measurements to know whether you can fit the furniture through or not. Some interior doors are smaller than entry doors, which can make things a little tricky. Ideally, you should also prioritize apartments that have 32-inch widths for every inside door that you need to get through.

Apartment Location

The floor that the apartment is on can play a huge role in your ability to get furniture inside. A narrow staircase to a place on the second floor could make it impossible to bring along your largest possessions. In this case, prioritizing apartments on the first floor is your best bet for avoiding complications. Another detail to consider is whether there are any obstructions around the entrance. For instance, having to go through a hallway before getting to the front door may be something you want to avoid.

If you take the time to focus on these details when you go apartment hunting at complexes like Meadowdale Apartments, you should have no problem finding a place that works for safely fitting every piece of furniture that you have inside.


2 August 2016

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