4 Things to Consider When Holding an Open House

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If you are interested in selling your home, you may be considering holding an open house. An open house is a great way to invite potential buyers to look at your property in a pressure-free environment and see why they should be interested in your house out of all the homes for sale. It also allows you to present your home in the most attractive manner possible. Here are a few things that you should consider when holding an open house.

Do you have personal effects visible throughout the house?

Family photos and other personalized items are often integrated into home decor. However, these items should be removed and replaced with more generic variations of interior decorations before your open house. It is important for buyers to feel as though your home could become theirs. Displaying personal effects can make a buyer feel that they are intruding in someone else's living space. It can be difficult for some people to visualize themselves in someone else's personalized home.

Is all the clutter removed?

Clutter can be a natural product of living in a home, especially if you have resided in the same place for an extended period. Nevertheless, clutter can make your home seem less attractive and too small. It is important to store your clutter before your open house.

In order to remove the clutter from your home, spend time organizing your house well before the date of your open house arrives. You can divide your items into three different categories: discards, donations, and keepers.

The discard pile can include items that are broken or worn. The donation pile can be used for items that are in great shape but need to be donated due to their lack of use in your home, and the keepers can include the items that you regularly use and would like to keep.

In addition to preparing for the open house, removing the clutter can make your move to your new home much easier.

Have you put away the toys?

Be sure to only display a few of your children's toys. An overabundance of toys you can make your home seem like a child's playground instead of a cozy living environment that is suitable for a wide variety of families.

Is your furniture old or outdated?

To ensure that your home looks its best during an open house, consider staging it. Sometimes favorite furniture is outdated, worn, or only suited to the personal tastes of the homeowner. By staging the home in a more modern, neutral way, you can make your home look up to date.

To learn more steps that you should take to prepare for an open house, consult with a real-estate specialist in your area.


2 August 2016

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