Finally Buying Your Own Home! Three Things You Need To Look For When Going On A Walk Through

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Finally being able to afford to buy your own home is an exciting milestone in every adult's life. You have a list of potential properties you are looking into purchasing. With all of the excitement, questions you may have just fly right out the window. When you finally do sit down and have a moment to write down what to look for, the task proves to be overwhelming. Don't let the stress outweigh your excitement! Below is a list of things you need to look for when you go through your first walk through.


You are buying the home, not just renting. Now, instead of waiting for your year lease to be up in order to move, you are planning on living in this location forever, which means you will be living next to your neighbors forever. Your potential neighbors are going to play an important role in your comfort while living in your new home. Are your neighbors loud? Do they have trash piling up on the side of their house? Do they have large and loud pets? All of these things are important because they can interrupt the peace you are looking for in your life.


Privacy is important when you are buying a home. You want to be able to have your own space without feeling like prying eyes are watching you. You don't want to be able to look out of your kitchen window and look right into your neighbor's bedroom. A good rule to remember is if you can see them, they can see you. If you are able to look right into your neighbor's house, look to see if there is enough room to plant hedges. Hedges are great for adding a sense of privacy when the space provided it practical enough to do so.

Interior And Exterior

Smell the air when you walk through the house. If something smells off, something usually is. Check the attic and look for any mold or mildew smell. This is important because if there is a leak somewhere in the attic, it will drip through and ruin your ceiling and any room that it's over. Check every ceiling for water damage or stains. You will want to also examine the baseboards for any signs of flooding damage. If there are signs of flood damage on the baseboards, the foundation of this house may be compromised. When you are looking outside, look at the paint to see if it is chipping or if it's been well maintained throughout the years. Look at the shingles on the roof to see if any need to be replaced. You will also want to examine the gutters to see if they are clean or if they need to be repaired.

It's an accomplishment to finally be in the situation to buy your own home. Take your list and begin scheduling your walk through as soon as possible. Before you decide on the first home you see, look for the signs described above. By following the list, you will be able to make a more logical decision on your forever home. A real estate agent can also be a valuable resource.


26 July 2016

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