Easy Ways To Resurrect The Appearance Of Your Rental Property

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Do you own a rental property? If so, keeping it looking attractive is an important art of keeping it occupied and earning you revenue. Perhaps you have gotten used to the mundane tasks associated with the property, and you may be overlooking a few things that could be done to "spruce" it up. Outsourcing the property clean-up tasks to a contractor is one way to ensure that you are not overlooking things that could be making your property appear undesirable. The following are a few things that can be done to give your property a semi-instant facelift.

Plant flowers and remedy brown spots on the lawn.

Adding flowers can make your rental property look more inviting. You can plant some flowers in the ground, but keep in mind that hanging baskets of flowers can also improve the appearance. Consider planting flower producing bushes around the property too.

Brown spots can make your grass look like it is parched or dying. Hiring a contractor to determine the root cause of the brown spots is a good idea because in some cases planting new grass will not be enough to get rid of the brown spots for the long term. For example, the brown spots could be the result of grub activity, which means treating the grass for grubs would need to be done to ensure that newly planted grass stays healthy. 

Repair cracks in asphalt or concrete. 

Ideally, these should be repaired as soon as you notice them, but sometimes cracks become more evident after the cold season has ended. If they are not repaired in a timely manner, they can spread. Vegetation may also start to grow between cracks and make them more difficult to remedy. If you have a parking lot on the property, it is a good idea to determine whether parking lot striping needs to be done when the cracks are repaired. 

Remove clutter.

Perhaps your current tenants have clutter on the property. If new space becomes available, potential tenants might think negatively of the excess clutter. Inform your tenants that they will need to remove the clutter or you will have it professionally moved by a company like Seabreeze Property Services after a certain date. You may also have clutter on the property that you do not realize is distracting. For example, surplus repair or building supplies that are left outside can appear as clutter to a prospective renter. 

Add simple lighting to walkways and sidewalks.

You do not necessarily have to invest in a complex new lighting system. You can buy solar lighting that can be placed into the ground to add light to these areas. 


15 July 2016

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