Moving: Forty-Three Thousand Things To Do


When you're moving your household to another city some distance away, it can seem like there are 43,000 details to attend to. Okay, maybe only 42,900. The point is, you're only human and will no doubt forget, neglect, or break something. This is what makes moving so stressful—you're doing something that you don't do very often yet is very complicated and detailed. As with many other insanely complex tasks, perhaps it's better to place as much of the job as possible in the hands of professionals. Yes, you'll save money by trying the DIY approach—at least until something goes wrong—but your sanity has a price, and losing it by trying to do everything on your own just isn't worth it.

How Movers Can Save Your Sanity

  • The job of packing everything up is a huge one. Aside from the sheer time it takes, you need a variety of packing materials, including many, many boxes. Furthermore, packing household items so that they won't be damaged in transit takes a fair amount of skill. DIY movers almost always wind up with something broken or damaged; also, quite often something just vanishes during the move. Why not avoid the hard work and hassle by having your mover pack your things securely and professionally? That way, if anything gets broken during the process, it's their fault, not yours!
  • You're not a truck driver. You're also not a professional truck loader. Yet, every moving season, thousands of people try to be exactly those things. On your own, you won't optimize the cargo space you have; you won't know how to arrange items so that the possibility of damage is minimized; and you will be handling and loading the materials yourself, usually under a tight timeframe, so you're risking injury. Also, if you're driving the truck, someone else has to drive your car(s). Why not let a mover provide, load, and drive the truck instead?
  • The move itself will take you longer if you're the one driving the truck. You'll have to stay at 55 or below and if there is any kind of bad weather to deal with, you'll be slowed down even further. A cross-country move could take as long as seven or eight days, when the trip in your own car would have taken four or five. The extra expense from several additional hotel room nights certainly reduces the savings from a DIY move! Why not let the mover slog cross-country for you while you enjoy the trip in your own vehicle?

Honey, Which Box Has the Dishes?

The job of unpacking tends to get lengthy when you're doing a DIY move, because you arrive at your new home in an exhausted heap and don't want to unload except in stages. Then, you have a house full of boxes, and you need some things right away—but where is everything? Yes, next time you move, you'll be sure to clearly label all the boxes...

Details like this (one of the 43,000) are the reason why so many people hire a mover like Two Small Men With Big Hearts. Frequently, they do so after having had the, er, educational experience of trying to do it all themselves. They think about the daunting nature of another DIY move and say to one another, "Why don't we just hire a mover this time?" So why don't you hire a mover this time?


10 November 2014

A Successful Home Sale

Do you absolutely adore your home, but are planning an upcoming move due to a career change? If you’re moving in the near future, you might desperately desire to sell your current home as soon as possible. To help you accomplish this important task, consider hiring an experienced, real estate agent in your community. This individual can help you select the perfect selling price for your house. Your real estate agent can also provide valuable information about staging your home to perfection. For instance, to make your home more inviting, your real estate agent might suggest you purchase new bedding, window treatments, and artwork. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a real estate agent can help you sell your home fast. Enjoy!