Tree Stumps: How They Should Be Removed From A Lawn & Treated To Prevent Termites


If you want to keep your home protected from termites, you may want to remove any tree stumps that are infected with termites in your lawn. Even if the stumps don't have termites, they can attract them and make their way to your home. In this article, you will learn how the tree stump removal process should go and what will happen if you leave them in the lawn.

How Should the Tree Stump Removal Process Go?

Removing tree stumps is a task that can take a long time if attempting to carry out the task on your own, especially if all you intend on using is a shovel. The first thing you should do is hire a tree removal specialist so commercial equipment can be used to make the process easier. He or she will bring a grinding machine to get rid of the tree stumps.

A grinding machine is a piece of equipment that can chip away small portions of tree stumps at a time. A professional can use the machine to chip away enough wood to make the stumps easy to be dug out of the ground. It is important for every piece of the stumps to be removed to reduce the chance of termites crawling to your home and causing the wood to deteriorate.

What Will Happen if Tree Stumps are Left in a Lawn?

If you leave tree stumps in the lawn, termites may eventually come and begin to consume the wood 24 hours a day. The pests can make it into your home to consume the wood that keeps it standing. Termites can be undetected if they cause damage inside of the walls, which can lead to too much damage for a simple repair when the problem is eventually detected.

You can keep your home safe by not only getting the tree stumps removed, but also making sure the termites are professionally exterminated. A pest control company, such as Snowball Pest Control, can spray the stumps before and after they are removed to make sure the treatment procedure is successful. You can also pour bleach on the stumps to get rid of termites, at least until you can hire an exterminator.

Keep your home in a good condition by not allowing termites to eat up the wood. All you need is a tree specialist to remove tree stumps and an exterminator to keep the termites from ruining your home.


7 November 2014

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