How To Remove Honey Bees From The Home


You can identify a honey bee from the home that it constructs. While other bees use hives that are made from dirt and mud, the honey bee is the bee that makes their house from wax, leaving a honey comb bee hive. If you have become overwhelmed with an infestation of honey bees in your home, you will need to take actions to have them leave. Here are some ways you can use to remove honey bees from your home:

Where Are They Located?

If the bees are located inside a wall, you may need to have some work done by a contractor in order to have them removed. Bees like to congregate inside walls and in attics. You might at first not be sure where the buzzing sound is coming from. Observe any stray bees and follow them to see where they hide.

Call A Beekeeper

Honey bees are endangered in some areas. They are extremely beneficial to the area by pollinating and allowing plants to grow. Call a beekeeper to see if they would be interested in coming to get the bees from your home. Sometimes they will charge for this service, but sometimes they do it for free because they want the bees to be used in the environment instead of being killed by pesticides. 

A beekeeper will have special equipment used to collect the bees and to transport them safely. They usually use a piece of equipment that vacuums bees safely away from your walls. They will also want to take any honey comb hives that are left behind so the bees can continue to thrive outside of your home.


You can construct an apparatus near the bee infested area that may aid it them getting out of the home without being able to reenter. This is done by using a piece of chicken wire that is rolled into a cone shape. You would place the larger end over the area where the bees have been seen. This only works if you can find the point of entry into your home. The bees will be able to fly out of the cone, but will have trouble finding their way back to the small end.

Other Methods

If humane methods do not work, you can try using a pesticide to remove the bees from the home. You may need to be diligent in order to have them all be removed. After using a pesticide, you will want to remove the hive from the area it is located.

If it is behind the wall, it may not be noticed. It will eventually start to leave a bad odor. If you would rather not deal with killing bees yourself, you can hire a professional to come and remove the bees for you. For more information, contact a company like ASAP Bee Removal with any questions or concerns you might have.


6 November 2014

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