Think Your Home Is Safe From Burglars? Here's 3 Things They Don't Want You To Know


Your home is your castle. You expect to feel safe inside when you are home, but what happens when you are away? Do you worry about an intruder breaking in and stealing your possessions? Even though you might think your home is safe, that isn't always the case. It might be that your home is a welcome invitation for burglars. Check out these three things that burglars don't want you to know about your home.

Burglars Can't Stand Dogs

Regardless of what size your dog is, burglars do not like them. If there is any indication that a dog is inside the home, the burglar is going to think twice before trying anything. Large dogs are an excellent deterrent for burglars. If the burglar notices a sign that says beware of dog, you have a leash hanging by the door, or they can hear a dog barking inside, they are going to turn and run away. By posting a sign, you can help ward off burglars, even when you don't have a dog inside.

How Burglars Scope Out Their Next Target

Contrary to what you might think, burglars aren't just going around and randomly selecting a house to break into. They look for a home that has a certain type of features. A burglar will often choose a home that has a lot of trees to block the view; this way the neighbors won't see anyone breaking into the property. Alarm systems tend to deter them away from your home, so considering having one installed.

Time Spent Inside and the Amount of Items Taken

Burglars usually spend less than 10 minutes inside of a home before getting out. Often times, they head right to the master bedroom in hopes of finding jewelry, cash, or anything else valuable. Don't leave your valuables somewhere common where a burglar is going to look. Living rooms are a prime target as well. They grab car keys, credit cards, and anything electronic.

To help ensure the safety of your home and everything inside of it, consider calling on a locksmith to come out and install better door locks and other safety features. The locksmith, like from Bundy's Lock & Safe Co., can go around your property and look for any potential weak spots and let you know what needs to be done to make your home safer and free from would-be thieves. By following the recommendations of the locksmith, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your belongings are safe.


30 October 2014

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