Where Should You Hide Your Spare Key? Best And Worse Places


It happens to everyone at one point or another. You lose or misplace your house key, vehicle key or other important key. Having a spare key in a well-hidden place can prevent a lot of frustration. However, not any hiding place will do. Here's a look at some of the best and worse places to hide your spare key.

Best Places to Hide Your Spare Key

1. With a Trusted Neighbor. Instead of leaving your key outdoors, leave it with a trusted next door neighbor. The one downfall of this option is that your neighbor may not always be home to retrieve the key for you.

2. In Your BBQ Grill. Leave your spare key out of sight in your BBQ grill. Keep the key under the hood of an unused grill, in a drawer or compartment, or under the side range.

3. Inside a Tree. If there is a tree in your backyard, cut out a chunk of bark and use a tack to hang the key from the wood. Replace the chunk of bark to camouflage your key.

4. In a Magnetized Lock Box. If your key is with you, then the chances of someone using it to break into your home is slim to none. Keep your spare key in a magnetized lock box under your vehicle and you'll always know it's safe.

5. Inside a Sprinkler Head. Homeowners who have sprinkler systems can easily hide their spare key in a fake sprinkler head. These sprinkler head key holders look like the real thing.

Worst Places to Hide Your Spare Key

1. Under the Welcome Mat. This is often the first place an intruder will look when trying to gain entry into your home. It's best not to place the spare key directly next to the door as this is an area where intruders will surely scrutinize.

2. Inside a Fake Rock. Many intruders are onto the fake rocks placed near entrances. These rocks often look like plastic and usually do not fool anyone. The only way a fake rock key holder would possible work is if it truly looks realistic and it's placed in the midst of other rocks.

3. In Your Wallet. Never leave your spare key inside your wallet. In the event that your wallet is stolen, the person will have access to your key, as well as your home address which can be found on your driver's license.

4. Under a Flower Pot. While placing your spare key under a flower pot may be convenient, it is an obvious spot that intruders will certainly look. Your goal should be to hide your spare key in an area that is not commonly used for this purpose.

Having a spare key can be a lifesaver when you're locked out of your home or vehicle. However, it's important to carefully hide your spare key to avoid intruders gaining access to your home or car. If you have lost your key and don't have a spare, contact your local locksmith service.


28 October 2014

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