Tips For Pest Control In The Winter


With dropping temperatures, rodents and insects start to seek the warmer temperatures inside homes. Following the tips in this article will prevent your house from being infested by unwanted critters and keep you from needing to call in professional pest control services.

Take care of your lawn

Mulch, high grass, weeds, leaves and other accumulations in your yard can be a warm haven for pests. They provide warmth and shelter to the rodents and insects and should be cleared away as soon as possible. Make an effort to clear and rake up leaves on the ground and clear them away. Mow the lawn before the first snow.

Plug all holes and gaps around your home

Inspect the exterior walls of your home for any small cracks and holes. The small cracks can allow insects to get inside and large holes can allow rodents in. For small cracks, use caulk for sealing, and for larger holes, use sealants that are available in the local hardware store. Rats and mice can chew through caulk and sealants that are foam-based; so make sure you buy a rodent-resistant sealant. You can also use aluminum or copper mesh to keep the rodents out of your house.

Make sure all screens are undamaged

You should inspect the screens in your windows and doors for tears and holes. Replace ones with large holes or repair them. Flying insects can get in through the smallest of holes and if the hole is low, crawling insects can get in as well.

Store firewood away from the house

If you store your firewood in the yard, make sure that it is well away from the home and not stacked up against the walls. Rodents and insects often use firewood for shelter and warmth, especially if it is stacked up against the exterior walls. Check the firewood before you bring it inside because there may be insects that have burrowed into it. Only bring in as much as you will use immediately. 

Check your bird feeders

If you have a bird feeder in your lawn, make sure you have a squirrel-resistant variety. Squirrels are attracted to the food as much as birds. Make sure there are no seeds littered around the area and clean up any seeds that have dropped to the ground. 

With these tips, you should minimize the areas rodents and insects are attracted to in the winter. If you keep having problems with insects, you should call in a professional exterminator service, such as one from, to take care of them.


28 October 2014

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