Put Your Business Ahead With Unique Pest Control Software Features


All pest control software is going to include the basics such as scheduling capabilities, billing and invoicing, and customer management capabilities. These are necessary features so that your pest control business can survive and thrive in this technological world. The software will help you set and keep appointments so that you can maximize your revenue. It will manage your customer's contact information so that you can easily contact them, and it will help you collect payment for services rendered in a simple fashion.

These are great features that will help your business but to make your business really boom, you should also look for some unique additional features.

Unique Pest Control Software Features

  • Social Media. Social media has been helping businesses for a few years now. It can help your business grow like a wildfire. Your customers that are pleased with the service that you provided can be a valuable source of referral business. Through social media software tools, you will be able to provide your customers a way to show their appreciation. These tools can encourage users to share their experience through a social media outlet and offer them a discount on their next service date. Pest control software that integrates with social media will allow you to drive more business.
  • Auto Reminders. Many pest control software products will have customer contact information stored in it and they will be able to manually call or email their customers to remind them of upcoming appointments or to ask them to pay for their service. A pest control software product that goes the extra mile can automatically send text messages, automated phone calls, and emails. This will prevent you from having employees to have to do this work and will cut your costs.
  • Automatic Payment Collection. Your business may not be making as much money as it could if you let things slip through the cracks through human error. As you provide recurring services, your pest control software should be automatically charging the credit card of the customer. This ensures payment instead of giving a service and then waiting for the customer to pay. This can increase your revenue and cut costs because you will not be providing service to those who will not pay.

These unique pest control software features will help put your business ahead of the competition. You will be able to drive more customers and collect more of the money that is owed for services that you provided.


28 October 2014

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