Your Dream Home- Designs You Should Implement To Add Value To Your Home

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When building your dream home, you should keep 2 things in mind- what you want, and what new homeowners will be looking for should you choose to sell your home in the future. Some custom home designs are more appealing than others, and you should know which designs you should incorporate so you can create a dream home that you love, and that someone else will love one day, too.

Install a spiral staircase

Not only is a spiral staircase a great conversation piece in any home, but it adds a lot of space to your house as well. In fact, a spiral staircase can take up to 70% less space in your home than a regular staircase does, which increases the open feel of the main room and hallways of your home. Have your custom home builders install a wooden spiral staircase in your living or family room to create a sense of whimsy and space that will remain attractive to you and potential buyers in the years to come.

Add a large outdoor deck and patio

Nothing makes your outdoor space more useable than a large deck and patio that you can enjoy for barbecuing, relaxing, and staying out in the sun. Home builders can build your deck so it matches your home and utilizes your outdoor space the most. For a deck and patio that will last for years, consider the following materials:

Composite decking in particular is rising in popularity, and is a synthetic wood material that allows you to have the look of real wood in your deck or patio. It doesn't require the cost or maintenance of wood and is a common medium for custom home builders to work with.

Create livable outdoor space

Your backyard should be professionally designed so it meets your needs and makes the most of your available space. Have your tool shed placed alongside your garage so it is well-hidden and doesn't break up your yard. Place low-key shrubs and bushes (Juniper bushes are great for shade and privacy) along your patio and deck to make your yard welcoming for you and your guests. Have a landscaper plant complementary trees that grow quickly so you can have the right color and shade in your yard to make your outdoor space engaging anytime you step outside. Popular trees for planting include:

  • Japanese cherry blossom
  • Umbrella tree
  • Weeping birch
  • Quaking aspen

Your dream home can be built in a customizable way so both you and future homeowners can enjoy it. If you choose the right designs for your home, not only will you love the results, but so will someone else should you choose to sell your home some day.

For more information and ideas, consult with a custom home builder like K Gordon Construction.


27 October 2014

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