Sewage In Carpet: How It Can Cause Giardiasis & How A Carpet Cleaning Company Can Help


Is your carpet dirty from sewage because you recently had plumbing problems? You must hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpet, as the waste is toxic and can lead to you getting a health condition called giardiasis. In this article, you will learn how sewage in carpet can cause giardiasis and how a carpet cleaning company can help you prevent getting it.

How Can Sewage in Carpet Cause Giardiasis?

When there is sewage in the carpet, there are a lot of toxins in it that can possibly harm your digestive tract. You can get giardiasis if the sewage contains a parasite that is found in the human gastrointestinal tract of infected individuals known as giardia lamblia. Sewage contains waste from multiple people, so it is impossible to know if is contaminated with giardia lamblia.

You can contract giardiasis in several ways, including:

  • Inhaling sewage
  • Accidental consumption of sewage
  • Touching sewage without wearing gloves

If you contract giardiasis, you may get severe diarrhea. The condition can lead to you becoming dehydrated and losing large amounts of weight. You may also develop a lot of gas and feel nauseous.

How Can Carpet Cleaning Company Help Prevent Getting Giardiasis?

A carpet cleaning company will help you prevent getting giardiasis because they can handle all of the cleaning without your assistance. Your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned on the surface, and the padding underneath will also be cleaned. Cleaning only the surface of the carpet is not good because you can still get exposed to the toxins from the sewage that has saturated the padding.

The carpet cleaning company will also use a commercial grade of cleaning solution to clean and sanitize the carpet. Bleach is one of the fluids that may be used, but only in a small amount that won't harm the dyes in the carpet. The reason bleach is commonly used is due to its ability to kill germs and toxins that can make you and your loved ones sick.

Make sure the sewage in your carpet is cleaned in a timely manner if you don't want to end up having to replace it. A carpet cleaning company can get the sewage cleaned in no time, and the carpet will be deodorized in the process. Don't put your health at risk for giardiasis by attempting to clean up the toxic waste on your own, as all it takes is a portion of it accidentally getting in your mouth to infect you! Call a company like Carpet Clinic to do it for you.


24 October 2014

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