4 Things You Can Do To Stay Safe From Stinging Insects


Bees, hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects send many people to emergency rooms. There are many things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of being the next person rushing for medical assistance after being stung. This article discusses four simple measures you can take to lower the risk of stings.

Keep Your Home Free From Cracks or Crevices

Before you even think of calling pest control, do all you can to keep stinging insects from finding a home in your home. You should seal all cracks and crevices so that these insects can't find a way to take up residence in the attic, chimney, or under the lights on the porch. Regular inspection for cracks will alert you of points of weakness that can be exploited by these insects. When you see any new crack, seal it immediately.

Cover All Food

It isn't by accident that stinging insects swarm around picnic tables; those tables are normally stacked with food that is uncovered and that is what attracts the insects. In order to avoid having these insects in your vicinity, cover all food and ensure that trash cans also have very tight lids so that odors from food don't attract the insects.

Go Slow On Fragrances

When you are going to be outdoors for several hours, use as little cologne or sweet-smelling fragrances as you can. Those sweet-smelling fragrances act like magnets to stinging insects since they imagine there is a food source close by. That is why pest control experts, like Boris Pest Control, advise people to avoid using those fragrances when they are going to be outdoors at a picnic or for work-related activities.

Carefully Select What You Wear

Floral prints as well as dark colors are very attractive to stinging insects, like bees. It, therefore, follows that if you want to minimize chances of an encounter with these stingers, you should avoid putting on clothes that will attract them. If you are going to be in a grassy area, it is also wise to wear shoes that fully cover your toes so that hornets don't sting you when you get close to their nests in the grass.

The tips above pertain to prevention, so should there be an infestation of these stinging insects, your best course of action may be to call in pest control, since nests have been known to harbor thousands of insects. That is a very large number for you to tackle on your own so stay safe and leave it to the experts.


24 October 2014

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