4 Things To Consider When Searching For The Right Storage Space


Storage units can be infinitely useful for several things. Maybe you're moving and you've decided to downsize your place, so you need a place to store extra stuff. Sometimes closings on homes can be fickle and you might find yourself needing to stay in a hotel for a bit, with your belongings in a unit. Maybe your band just needs a place to practice where no one will mind how loud you are. Regardless of the use, there are a few questions you'll need to answer in order to make a plan of action. Once you can answer the questions below, you'll be all set to go. 

Climate Control or Not?

There are many items you might consider valuable that are sensitive to temperature. Items made of wood, for instance, can stretch and warp in the heat. Other heat or moisture sensitive items can include electronics, photographs, paintings, antiques, and more. If you're going to be storing any items like this, it is highly recommended to rent a climate controlled storage unit. This will keep your items safe and secure in basically any type of weather condition you could imagine. 

Should You Self Storage?

You can think of self-storage as the same as traditional storage, but without having to adhere to a typical storage facility's guidelines. What you are doing is essentially renting out a space, usually in a warehouse setting, on your own terms. This means that you're not locked under any kind of term or contract. There have been some unsubstantiated statements about self-storage being less safe, but this is simply not the case. Self-storage buildings are just as safe as any other type of storage organization. In fact, most of these buildings offer information on the practices that help keep the building secure.  

Should I Insure My Items While in Storage?

Most homeowner insurance policies will cover your contents off-premise up to a certain amount. In the state of Florida, for instance, your items are covered for up to 10% of the contents coverage value listed on your policy. If your contents are lost in a flood, however, you're likely going to be out of luck unless you seek further protection. Flood insurance policies can be purchased, but finding a company that will write the policy is usually hard to come by. Additional insurance protection can usually be purchased from the facility you store your items in, or you can purchase a self-storage insurance policy

How Much Space Will I Need?

This is a question that can really only be answered by you. There are a few tips to help you decide, though. First, you'll want to come up with a list of all of the items you are wanting to put in storage. Once your list is made up, you'll want to organize these by size, or how you plan on placing them in the storage unit itself. Here you'll really want to visualize your items. A tape measure is useful here. Remember, most storage units are between 25 and 300 square feet, and even the smallest unit can easily fit the contents of one bedroom. 

Don't be caught with a puzzled look on your face when you go out comparing storage rates. Having these answers upfront will help you find a better deal and make the rest of your move (or any other situation) roll smoothly. Just be sure you also do your own due diligence when you make your final decision on where you store your belongings.


24 October 2014

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